Past Exhibitions

There is No Design Button
Online only virtual exhibition

August 10 - October 17, 2020

Curator: David Zobel:  

Artists: Infinito, Marcos Faunner, Diego Franco, Martin French

"Taking design from this formulaic approach and making me feel something, making me want to hang it on the wall like a piece of art, that's what design should be about."

- David Zobel, Curator

Protest Art
Online only virtual exhibition

June 12, 2020 -August 21, 2020

The Galleries at CCBC feel passionately about showcasing protest art that lets our students and community know that our spaces are a place where the fight for justice for all can continue, and that art can make a difference.

More than 50 artists are showcased in this exhibition.

Images of Perseverance
Online only virtual exhibition

April 20 - May 15, 2020

Artists: Gail Burton, Robert Creamer, Jessica Deleon, Geoff Delanoy, Steven Dembo, Albert Ewing,Tiffany Jones, Howard Korn, Brion McCarthy, Mollye Miller, Kyle Myles, Kyle Pompey, Colette Veasey-Cullors and Todd Wilson.

Curator: Nicole Buckingham Kern

A Thousand Words, Vol. 3
Online only, originally meant for The Gallery at CCBC Essex

April 20 - July 20, 2020

Artists: Jeff Bohlander, Elizabeth Crisman, Julia Kim Smith, Jill Orlov, Kim Rice, R.L. Tillman, 

Curator: Nicole Buckingham Kern

The Gallery at CCBC Catonsville

January 6 - February 28, 2020

Artists: Muqaddas Azam, Emilyann Craighead, Kameron Jones, Nicole Buckingham Kern, Dayana Henriquez, Janae Jacobs, Trisha Kyner, Joey Liu, Doug McNamara, Osvaldo Mesa, Erik Miller, Ashley Reinhardt, Mareh Smith,  Jonah Tanenbaum-Vogler, and Abigail Wolfe.

Becoming 2020
The Gallery at CCBC Essex

January 13- February 21, 2020

Artists: Abbie Coffman, Tania Gonzalez, Zakiyyah Greene, Sienna Hare, Jasmyne Harris, Narai Henderson, Kendell Jordan, Caroline Pence, Rebecca Quias, Alexis Randolph, Nora Reinhardt, Cecily Roberts, and Honilette Verzosa.

Innumerable Roads: Hyphenated Spaces, Migration, and Refuge
The Gallery at CCBC Essex

October 24 -December 5, 2019

Curator: Jessica Walton

Artists: Erick Antonio Benitez, Bonnie Jones, Gina Gwen Palacios, Press Press, and Helen Zughaib.

A Thousand Words 
Volume 2
The Gallery at CCBC Essex

March 11 - May 18, 2019

Curator: Deborah Ciccarelli

Artists: Nicoletta de la Brown, Amanda Burnham, Sally Comport, Liz Ensz, Kei Ito, and Jenee Mateer