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There Is No Design Button Showcard
"Taking design from this formulaic approach and making me feel something, making me want to hang it on the wall like a piece of art, that's what design should be about."

- David Zobel, Curator

There is No Design Button

Our gallery assistant Emilyann Craighead sits down with David Zobel to find out what motivated him to curate a show on graphic design. Watch the video to find out more about Zobel's thoughts on the graphic design process.   

"Design goes so much beyond just assembling elements together, besides just having type and image. And maybe you don't even need an image; maybe you don't need type. There's so many ways you can combine design. Really, if you look at what separates art from design, it is just the message. It's just the typography. Without a message, it's an art piece. So, I could create this amazing visual, and if I put a logo on it, all of a sudden it's designed because I got you to see that that person is represented in the piece with that logo. Art and design walks this fine line."


The Artists

Peru Design Net Logo
Perú Design Net Logo

Infinito is a branding and graphic design consultancy based in Lima, Perú.

PerúDesignNet, is an initiative by PromPerú and IED Madrid that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of design for the social, cultural, and economic transformation of Peru.

Marcos Faunner is living and working in Belo Horizonte city, Brazil, whose work transits between art and graphic design.

"The poster is in ironic piece, because it have nothing about legibility."

Legibility Poster
Poster: Legibility 
Money Unprotected - China
Money Unprotected - China

Diego Franco is a Brazilian designer and art director with over 15 years of experience working with visual concepts, advertising campaigns and design's strategy contents.

The client, an important exchange bureau in Brazil, offers, among other products, VISA TravelMoney, presented here as a safe way to take your money abroad.

Martin French is an illustrator, designer and educator based in Portland, Oregon. Martin’s studio practice relies on traditional drawing in various dry & wet mediums combined with digital composition and design

These posters were created for the Harlem Roots and Rhythm Festival. 

Harlem 1
Harlem 2
Harlem Posters 1&2
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