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Protest Art

“Artists are a conduit to a communication that operates outside of language. Art offers a space of simultaneity and complexity that many types of rhetoric do not. We have the opportunity to make historic documents that are extremely personal, critical, and transcendent.”
 - Kambui Olujimi

Art has been a way for people to protest injustices and inequalities for hundreds of years, giving a voice to those who have been told to be silent. As the country, and indeed the world, comes together to protest systemic racism and police brutality, the Galleries at CCBC decided that the best way we could contribute positively to the movement was to exhibit protest art.


We are truly humbled by the number of submissions received to participate in this exhibition and, because of this, have decided that at least one piece of work from every artist will be shown. It is our intention that collectively displaying all this artwork will evoke the feeling of being at a protest, amongst a crowd of art. And we hope it underscores the importance of amplifying marginalized images and perspectives. The work ranges from documentary photographs of the present protests to abstract paintings expressing the powerful emotions from years of oppression.    


The Galleries at CCBC feel passionately about showcasing protest art that lets our students and community know that our spaces are a place where the fight for justice for all can continue, and that art can make a difference. Depending on how COVID-19 continues to affect our ability to have physical exhibitions, we'll be hosting a specially curated version of this exhibition on either the 1st or 2nd year anniversary.

Artwork is shown in alphabetical order by last name of the artist. Providing a statement to go with the artwork was voluntary, and those provided can be read by clicking on the art.  

If you wish to support protesters or organizations that fight for equality, this article from The Cut is a great resource to learn how.

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