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Sept. 18 - Dec. 1, 2023​


Oct. 19, 10am-12pm and 6pm-8pm

Curator: Sharon Trumbull

Artists:  Vian Borchert, Kristine DeNinno, Peggy Fox, Nic Galloro, Shawn Humes, Bonnie Kennedy, Catherine Kleeman, Corrie Francis Parks and Kelly Bell, Roz Racanello, Lisa Scarbath, Rhonda Smith, Elizabeth Steel, and Ann Stoddard.

An exhibition celebrating our most vital resource. 

Water is life. It sustains us, attracts, and fascinates us. Water is dynamic yet calming, at once playful and dangerous, powerful and in need of protection. 

At a time when we need to shift our collective thinking and actions towards water globally, exploring our relationship with local waterways seems an essential first step. Here in the mid- Atlantic, our identity is especially etched by the rivers and tidal inlets of the Chesapeake Bay. From the mighty Susquehanna River to the North, to the waterfalls of the Potomac, to Virginia’s history-laden James River, our traditions are rich in water culture. We walk a favorite beach, kayak a quiet marsh, or sail the Chesapeake to timeless tidal rhythms. These are our waters. 

In underCurrent fourteen regional artists present diverse creative reflections on this theme. From works that emphasize conservation and protection to elegant waterside vistas and personal narratives, these artists convey the many sides of this most precious resource. 

It is our hope that by celebrating the beauty and necessity of water in all our lives that we can better appreciate and protect it. 

Take a 3D Tour

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