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The CCBC Permanent Art Collections

The Community College of Baltimore County and the Galleries at CCBC work together to curate and maintain a collection of artworks that are housed permanently around all the campuses. This includes sculptures, paintings, photographs, and cultural heritage items. 

We are working to document this collection and upload this information onto our webpage. 

The Deborah Wainwright Memorial Collections of African American Art and African Folk Art 

This collection is in recognition of her leadership and in her effort to increase the presence of African American and African folk art on the college campuses.

The Wainwright Alumni Exhibition

Beginning in 2022, The Deborah Wainwright Alumni Exhibition initiated a rotating yearly art show featuring an alumni artist of color, chosen by committee for a solo exhibit of their work

Student Artwork Showcase in MASH Building

A rotation of photography created by the talented student artists at CCBC!

The President's Office Showcase

The President's Office showcases artwork by CCBC's own professors. Each year a new professor is exhibited. At the moment Robert Creamer's photography can be viewed when visiting Dr. Kurtinitis. 

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