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Diego Franco

About the Art

The work refers to the importance of preserving money when you're exchanging it before traveling. The client, an important exchange bureau in Brazil, offers, among other products, VISA TravelMoney, presented here as a safe way to take your money abroad. For creative development and concepts, the choice of visual elements is justified because they are currencies of important tourism destinations: USA, Europe and China. Using money with human faces in its design allowed the creation of an important connection: the value of money and the death of people there represented. The colors used are extensions the color of the bills, and the graphic elements, such as blood, shots and fire, accentuate the drama of the act of killing and also amplify the sensation that traveler's money is in constant risk.

About Diego Franco

I am a Brazilian designer and art director with over 15 years of experience working with visual concepts, advertising campaigns and design's strategy contents. Currently, I work as a Head Designer/Art Director at one of the most important Brazilian advertising agencies, mainly focused on branding, digital creative design, user experience, shopper marketing, and media performance. Soon, I will start a Master's Degree in Intelligence Technologies applied to Design, where topics such as artificial intelligence, data science, art and cyber art are part of the disciplines found in the curriculum.

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