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Represented by Alfredo Burga

About the Project

PerúDesignNet, is an initiative by PromPerú and IED Madrid that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of design for the social, cultural, and economic transformation of Peru. To do this, different human groups, resources, and technologies were integrated to share knowledge around three categories: gastronomy, crafts and tourism, to generate innovative solutions in these fields. These projects were exhibited and rewarded in an event, and they entrusted us with all the identity and environmental graphics for the week-long celebration.


We were looking for a visual solution that projected innovation and modernity without neglecting our Peruvian roots. We developed a typographic logo through complex geometric shapes that talk about technology and transformation and that also reference pre-Colombian Peruvian textiles in a colorful and vibrant contemporary take. Part of the identity system also integrates this typeface with photographs that allude to the three sectors.

About Infinito

Infinito is a branding and graphic design consultancy based in Lima, Peru. It was founded in 2005 and is led by Claudia Boggio and Alfredo Burga, both graphic designers with more than 25 years of experience in the Peruvian market. Infinito combines the clarity of rigorous strategic thinking with the boldness of original ideas, expressed through a design of the highest standard. It offers strategy and design services in the specialties of corporate identity, packaging design, corporate communication, publishing, as well as retail and service design. Their work has been recognized and awarded both nationally and internationally. They have also participated as speakers in various design conferences both in Peru and abroad.

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