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The Galleries at CCBC Catonsville & Essex

Every year, these juried exhibitions showcase the best work created by the students of the Portfolio Class. The Portfolio Class is the capstone course for art students at CCBC and is designed to help students create bodies of work for professional portfolios.

Online Only Exhibitions


A collaboration between Art and Theatre arose and the "Frankenshow" idea was born. Visual artists would be inspired by photos of the production and the script of Frankenstein to create their own work. These would be displayed alongside artifacts from the production, filmed scenes, interviews, and a full audio recording of the play. 

A(mend): New Narratives of Native American Life

The works in this exhibition celebrate Native American living histories. The works unravel and counter stereotypes by creating new representations and celebrations of the complexity and vibrancy of Native American cultures.
                                        -  Curator Jessica Walton
Featuring artists Cannupa Luger, Ashley Minner, Pamela J. Peters, Sarah Sense, Anna Tsouhlarakis, and Monique Verdin


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