Current Exhibitions

Navigating Between
The Gallery at CCBC Catonsville

Navigating Between brings together three local artists who explore (and often upend) the power relationships that exist between dominant culture and marginalized individuals.

Videos about each artists' work available on their pages.

Community Book Connection Student Showcase
The Gallery at CCBC Dundalk

This exhibit features artwork from CCBC students who have participated in studying this year's community book "Threads: From the Refugee Crisis" by Kate Evans.

Online Only Exhibitions


A collaboration between Art and Theatre arose and the "Frankenshow" idea was born. Visual artists would be inspired by photos of the production and the script of Frankenstein to create their own work. These would be displayed alongside artifacts from the production, filmed scenes, interviews, and a full audio recording of the play. 
The Gallery at CCBC Essex

This exhibition is an example of something that is important to remember in this strange time period we are living through: connectivity.  


There is No Design Button:

A Graphic Design Art Show

"Taking design from this formulaic approach and making me feel something, making me want to hang it on the wall like a piece of art, that's what design should be about."
- David Zobel, Curator
Featuring artists Infinito, Marcos Faunner, Diego Franco, and Martin French.


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