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What We Share as Children of Earth by Tima Aflitunov

From the first breath we took,
To the last one we'll draw
From the water in lakes,
To that in your straw.
From the light that stars cast,
To the heat of sun's roar.
From the crust of this Earth,
Down to its core.

From the structure of organs,
And what will remain,
To the genes,
That are passed through our cell's D.N.A.
From the compounds of elements,
Forged inside of stars,
To the atoms,
Released through their opening scars.

From expansion of space,
To contraction of time.
From contraction of faith,
To expansion of mind.
From walking up-right,
To wielding of tools.
From invention of tongues,
To yielding of schools.

From sharing the roots,
With selectively favored,
To sharing the fruits,
Of light years worth of labor.
The water, the land,
We all share the air.
These are the heights,
That money can't climb.
Nor can the wars,
Stop the progress of time.

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