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Statement and Biography

"During times of crisis and hysteria I find myself leaving my fears behind me and engulfing myself in the world as it’s known at the time. Photography is for documenting moments whether they are good or bad, either way they have to be recorded. When I go out I think to myself, “what or who is being overlooked?”, and then I go and capture the essence of whatever “that” is. In almost every crisis I’ve lived through in Baltimore the homeless, mentally ill, and the drug addicted individuals are looked over. I always tell myself to take the realest images I can and that usually means taking an image without them knowing (my goal is not to exploit so I try not to make their faces too visible). I post these images in hopes that it will spark something in someone to want to do something about it. We all have our super power and mine is capturing life as I see it. Be safe y’all and remember your super power is no good if you don’t use it.  "


Kyle Pompey, owner of Nice Shot Media, LLC. considers himself an "organic photojournalist." Whether collaborating in his studio or documenting throughout his travels, Kyle avoids posed or planned pictures. Instead, he perceives the energy of his subject, which he allows to define the story of the moment. Breaking the mold of perceptions is the goal of his debut photography book “Perspective: Baltimore.” Designed to promote freethinking - every image will deliver a different narrative from the reader. 

A Baltimore native, Kyle is featured in a variety of publications such as Ebony Magazine, The Huffington Post, GQ, Essence, Japan Magazine, and The Baltimore Sun Dark Room. His images are used in a collection of artistic works such as  Tariq Toure's "Black Seeds: The Poetry and Reflections of Tariq Toure," and Aaron Maybin's "Art Activism." He has curated exhibits at John Hopkins University, featured in the Reginald F. Lewis Museum's "Reflections of Baltimore" and “Black Women: Images and perception in Popular Culture” exhibits, and teaches photography (Perspective: 101) at Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School and Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys.


IG & Twitter: NiceShotKyle

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