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Statement and Biography

"My work over the past few weeks has shifted from capturing time for client-families, to documenting the time at home with my family and in my neighborhood. These are difficult times for many, but on a daily basis my goal is to find the silver lining when possible, though there are days when that doesn't happen, and that's ok too. I document it all (the good and bad, the unique and the mundane). As an artist, this isn't much different than the work I do with my client-families, but in light of the current state of the world, it's given me motivation to explore and slow down and get creative with my observations. My current images are full of my own two children (two boys: a 1st grader and a toddler) who have proven through this all, that they are each other's best entertainment. We walk everyday and scenes from our neighborhood and neighbors are also very present in my current work."

Jessica is a Social Worker turned Family Photographer in the Baltimore area who focuses on Storytelling photography. The pursuit of real life moments, emotions and unique intricacies of each family she works with is the goal of her work. She enjoys spending time with her clients, often finding connection with them through elements of motherhood, womanhood and parenting life. She loves capturing emotions (all of them) and humor in her word, aiming to encapsulate the true feelings and moments for her families as well as in her personal work for her own children. Jessica is a wife to an engineer, a mother to two rowdy boys (6.5 and 2.5 years old) who are uniquely different from each other. She loves books, coffee, and would be a mental disaster without the endorphin break of exercise when she finds the motivation to do it. She was raised in New York, coming down to Maryland for college, and after getting her Masters Degree, she never left. Charm City has been her home for the past 14 years (and Maryland for more than half her life).

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