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Statement and Biography

"Photography has always been the way in which I try to understand the relationship between myself and the world around me. This project, borne out of necessity, attempts to process the uncertainty of the pandemic by exploring the mundane activities of family and home. The certainty of these daily moments provides a visual anchor for this time that is so difficult to comprehend."


Howard Korn is a Baltimore based photographer who travels extensively to capture images for a wide range of clients. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from Beloit College and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in photography from Columbia College, Chicago. Howard Korn Photography is a full-service photography studio specializing in institutional, editorial, and corporate clients. He is a people shooter specializing in environmental portraiture. While he works commercially Howard still pursues his personal vision through his fine art work, which can be found in several public museums and private collections across the country.

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