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Statement and Biography

"The COVID-19 pandemic has moved me into a new but familiar area of rethinking and restructuring within my daily and weekly routine. With the current restrictions and limitations, I've rediscovered my attitude and ideas that I started with in my photography, music, reading, and exercise, working within my daily routine and creating structure and accountability out of the unknown.

Albert's photography is dedicated to the expression of photographic ideas, perception and the production of photographic images that will inspire and give pause. He started as a video/film production major at Dundalk Community College, after being behind the camera for several semesters he realized that he would rather shoot still photography. Albert switched majors in 1992 and never looked back. He eventually started as a full time commercial photographer’s assistant and made the transition as a full time, self-employed photographer. Albert has photographed everything from weddings, pets, commercial and personal work. In his spare time, he was photographing the people, places and events within Baltimore and the surrounding areas with an emphasis on personal projects and music. His work has now come full circle where he am focused entirely on capturing the people, places and events within Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Albert Ewing is an alumni of the Community College of Baltimore County.


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