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Statement and Biography

"During the moments of stillness, I look to light. Accepting the world has been forever changed, it is the light that guides us through darkness. Accepting what is at the moment, allows us to surrender to discomfort, leading us to let go of fear and become a little more comfortable with the unknown. Light will always guide us, illuminating a journey that replaces fear with a desire to activate the freedom to change and grow. As normalcy seems to be non-existent, what is familiar keeps us grounded…. I look to light."

Tiffany Jones is a visual artist who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Jones' art practice involves photographic, mixed media works and collaborative projects examining individual and community identities. Interested in creating opportunities and spaces to encourage further conversation and action towards topics brought on by her work, Jones’ work often focuses on history, personal experiences, current events and societal assumptions through her lens as an African-American woman.

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