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A Re-Photographic Survey

"A blink of the eye lasts 1/3 of a second. I use my cell phone to capture blinks of time. These blinks create a visual history, a documentation of events however passive and common. These blinks freeze time and make memory easy for me to revisit. I see empty spaces and think of all who proceeded me (even those whom I have never met). We forget so many things. We will always forget things. Remembering needs assistance.  In this case my photographs are autobiographical and they remind me of quiet times.


I absolutely love the cell phone as a camera. I take hundreds of pictures a month. Thousands a year. I take pictures of everything and anything that I think will fit in the frame. The ability of a photograph to save you from loneliness and isolation is remarkable. You should take pictures of everything you are slightly interested in....its free."

Robert Creamer has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. Creamer is a professor of Photography at the Community College of Baltimore County.



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