Live Stream Guest Lecture!

 On May 1st, from 5:30 - 6:30, we hosted artists Zoe Charlton, Samuel Holmes, and Wilfredo Valladares Lara on our website to talk about their artwork in the exhibition Navigating Between. Visit the stream page to watch if you didn't get a chance, or if you would like to return to your favorite parts. 


About the Exhibition

CCBC Catonsville Gallery

Navigating Between brings together three local artists who explore (and often upend) the power relationships that exist between dominant culture and marginalized individuals. If we grant that society co-opts, appropriates, stereotypes, and homogenizes identities, how can an individual artist work against this tide?  One answer might be to take on the western canon itself, to use dominant genres of art, particularly those of portraiture, figuration, and landscape to one’s own ends.  Narrative and physical specificity can work against the dominant culture’s tendency towards homogeneity or stereotypes.  One can make people precise rather than generic.

Recontextualization and juxtaposition are also useful tools.  The artist can present a familiar object or fetishized body in such a way that both its meaning and value change, either by placing it alongside other objects or simply by moving it from the streets to the gallery or museum. Zoë Charlton, Samuel Holmes, and Wilfredo Valladares Lara make work with cultural integrity, but their art also strategically uses the dominant language and conceits of their discipline to challenge received narratives.  These artists navigate contradictions and present situations as fragments rather than holistic selves.

- Curators Trisha Kyner and Osvaldo Mesa

Navigating Between is sponsored in part by a grant from Maryland State Arts Council.

Interview with the Curators

Listen to an interview with the curators Trisha Kyner and Osvaldo Mesa on how they curated Navigating Between.

For videos of the curators talking about each artist's work, visit their pages by clicking "More On..." under their name.

The Artists

Zoë Charlton

Doppelganger (Lauren)

Graphite on Paper

51 x 79 inches



Wood and paint.

Doppelganger (Melissa)

Graphite on Paper

51 x 79 inches


Samuel Holmes

Hat/Cap (Detail)

Pigment Print

31 x 42.5 inches


Wilfredo Valladares Lara

Unmasked (Floor Installation,detail)

Mixed Media

7 x 5 x 8 feet





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