The Galleries at the Community College of Baltimore County strives to bring contemporary, thoughtful, and educational exhibitions to our students and the community. Through these exhibits the students at CCBC, no matter what majors, are afforded the ability to see artwork from artists living all over the world.  

About This Site

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Galleries doors are closed until such time as it will be safe for the community to visit once again.


During the shutdown, we are striving to bring artwork to our students and all those who need a dose of art. We are working hard to showcase the artworks of the artists that would normally be installed in the galleries at this time.


Once we open our doors again, we'll have the work up for everyone to see in person. We hope this site will bring some light to those who visit. 

About ADiM

The Art, Design, and Interactive Media department aspires to create an educational environment that is responsive in content, approach, and application to the continually changing technical and creative aspects of the creative fields we represent.

ADiM is a unique community of creative professionals, educators, and students who learn and work together as we explore and blend all aspects of art, design, and visual communication.

We offer quality instruction in all phases of visual art, graphic design, interior design, interactive media, photography, and motion graphics. Our course offerings and programs offer flexibility in both scheduling and content.



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Much of our programming are due in large part to the generous awards from the MSAC and would not be available without them.

All Three Galleries

Dundalk, Essex, and Catonsville each have their own unique gallery spaces.